Comments: updated designs
Comments: updated designs

Your link just points to the CafePress home page. I think you mean the page.

Posted by: Matt F on December 7, 2005 01:23 AM

Whoops -- you're right. I've fixed the link. Thanks, Matt.

Posted by: tom on December 7, 2005 09:26 AM

Tom, A question is on the table...why is there no Butterstick thong? A sexy butterstick thong is really just required isn't it?

Posted by: Becca on December 7, 2005 08:56 PM

You know, I've been waiting for just that question. But don't you think it would traumatize poor Butterstick if he were to find out?

If there's actual demand I'll add em to the store.

Posted by: tom on December 7, 2005 10:16 PM
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