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posted by tom / August 31, 2006 /

So, I've been in London. Need proof? Here's a shot of me with one of their ridiculous electrical outlets.

it's so big!

Word to the wise: you can shove an Italian power adapter in there just fine if you use a pen cap to trip the safety latch on the ground plug. It works like a charm, and provides a bracing ozone scent to liven up the air in the room.

You would think I'd have more blog fodder, what with being in a foreign country and all. The truth is that I've been much too busy and jetlagged to observe anything, much less write it up. See also: the enormous bags under my eyes in the photo above. And that was taken after a solid, 11-hour night of sleep. It's been a taxing week, for a variety of reasons.

But everything is working out, I think. I'm over here with my coworkers/friends/fellow cult-members (depending on the time of day and who you ask) Michael and Cristen, doing a strategy session and website kickoff meeting for Greenpeace UK.

It's stressful, trying to appear clever enough to justify being flown across an ocean — particularly when you have to do it for several days in a row. But the GPUK people have made it a breeze. I can't recommend working with smart, passionate clients highly enough — it's definitely one of the great things about this job. And if those clients will take you out drinking after a day of meetings, so much the better.

Anyway, there are some photos up on Flickr, including some shots of GPUK's awesome headquarters. Today's Michael's birthday, so additional drinks will be had (with Ryan & Lisa, no less!), and photos taken. Will there be moblogging from the airport? If British security takes away as many of my electronic entertainments as I expect (but not as many as they could), it's a definite possibility.


i'm sure that exhaustion was down to us dragging you all out for 'just one more drink'... but it's great to have incisive, energising suppliers and membership for the mutual appreciation society will be open shortly ;)

Posted by: jamie.w on August 31, 2006 10:52 AM

Great to meet you, Tom, and you did *appear* to be clever, jetlag and bags-under-the-eyes notwithstanding. Posted one of my photos of you here.

Posted by: Rob Purdie on September 1, 2006 12:22 PM

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