there shall be a fourth

posted by catherine / August 23, 2006 /

my coworker t. had to leave work a bit early, so i walked outside with him to warm up and get some fresh air and chat. as we strolled out into the atrium, a gangly and obviously british man darted in front of us, racing out the front door.

"OH MY GOD!" i whispered. loudly. "IT'S RI/CHARD QU/EST! OMFG!"

if you don't know who RQ is, he's one of the business anchors for cnn international, and he's totally and completely adorable and hilarious. he is, without a doubt, the most british person ever. and i kind of love him.

"hey, come on, i'll introduce you," t. said, starting to drag me over.

"HELL TO THE NO," i whispered again. loudly. because if you know me, you know i kind of worship famous-ish people, but am absolutely terrified of meeting them. i turn into Retardo Catherine - even more so than usual. all guffaws and flailing hands and incoherent sentences.

t. kept dragging, and i kept wiggling away, and i kicked and spat and eventually ran - gracefully i assure you - out the far door - but not before RQ turned around to see what the hell was going on. it was terrible.

and it reminded me very much of the ted leo encounter i had with kriston. short recap: kriston and i were drinking margaritas, ted leo was sitting next to us, i had an epileptic fit, and kriston eventually forced me to introduce myself and get a picture. which, admittedly, was fantastic, but it was one hell of a painful process.

which also reminds me of the fact that my coworker t. is KRISTON'S EVIL TWIN. you know there was that picture where everybody decided that yglesias, tommy and kriston were triplets? pyromaniac triplets? well, i present the suggestion that t. be added to their ranks, because, what the hell:


this fact freaks me out on a daily basis. t. not only looks remarkably like kriston - he has all his mannerisms. the hand movements. the voices are similar. they even MAKE THE SAME KIND OF JOKES. t. also has a dog named, get this, FRECKLES! okay, that last one was a lie. but seriously!

anyway, this entry clearly had no point. just that my coworkers were getting so sick of me saying all the time that t. looked like kriston, so i had to share it with the blogosphere instead. i wish i could find my evil twin.


It seems logical because Kriston also works with media and in fact does the same exact thing t. does and they both have a penchant for Oliver Peoples glasses. T. and Kriston even go to the same barber, although Kriston has a slightly better haircut

Posted by: Jon on August 24, 2006 01:53 PM

You're witness the House of Cosby effect.

Posted by: Kriston on August 25, 2006 04:05 PM

^ ing

Posted by: Kriston on August 25, 2006 04:11 PM

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