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posted by catherine / August 21, 2006 /

as you may have surmised from the millions of new flickr photos pouring in over on your right, i was in d.c. this weekend for a visit. and it was great. but like tommy, this summer has just been Too. Much. Travel. it's always worth it to go to d.c., and my trip in two weeks to the outer banks and my move back to d.c. right after will be good, but. christ. may i recommend something? don't move FOUR TIMES IN ONE YEAR. i mean, i know budget truck and the airline industry appreciate me single-handedly supporting their revenue, but, oh my god! i'm tired! and broke!

still, though, d.c. all the fun. i got in thursday night, and tommy knew how to cure what ailed me: he took me straight to crisp and juicy. what's so best about that place - besides the hot sauce - is the cashier lady totally has a crush on him and remembers his order every single time (mine too, now, but i don't feel lesbianistic overtones from her). tommy always gets green peppers on his sandwich, but this particular evening they were out. and before we could even tell her what we wanted on the sandwiches, she looked at tommy with mournful eyes, shook her head, and said, "no green peppers tonight." very cute.

friday i had breakfast with my parents and sister, who, the very next day, was on her way to being a real live wahoo! HOO HOORAY. ahem. so very proud. she'll do well, as long as she can avoid fat head larry sabato.

lunch was spent checking out the very neat new echoditto office, and strolling around downtown. and was here. the snakes. the planes. the snakes on a plane! we met up with a bunch of friends to do some pre-film drinking, which was great, because omg, the dceiver had a little scrolling LED screen that said snakes on a mother fucking plane, and the governess got us to all do snake bite shots and hissssss after drinking them. yeah, we're stupid, but you can take your butt stick elsewhere.

as for the movie - ain't no point in reviewing it, because there's really nothing to review, and there's nothing to say except that it lived up to all expectations, and people hissed through it constantly, and snakes are scary, and samuel l. jackson knows how to work it. more copious drinking followed the film, and lo, it was an excellent evening.

saturday night was the going away party for tim, emily and blogless (?) sarah, who are going to farflung locations like massachusetts, pennsylvania, and woodley park. drinks were drunk, rugs were cut, and it was all-around general good times and good peoples.

sunday was spent blessedly not getting out of bed till 1, and then we got a treat: the lovely & amazing susan dropped by! she was like a fresh mountain wind from the georgian range. er, or something. anyway, it was great, and afterwards tommy and i went to do two of my favorite things: shopping and drinking. we hit h&m so that he might be slightly fashionable for his upcoming work trip to london. it's a stretch, but i think he'll be alright.

i am getting tired of doing an increasingly boring weekend recap, and i'm sure you are as well, but at least i can wind things up with delicious dinner in the grays' wonderful new kitchen, which HAS A BEER FRIDGE. and where WE ATE THIS. and watched a lot of bruce springsteen dvds and reminisced about italy and seeing springsteen in italy and how basically italy is insane. good times.

the next few of weeks will be filled with what i think will be fun projects and articles at work, lots of books to read, fall fashion magazines to drool over (except, please, promise me: DO NOT FALL PREY TO THE ANKLE BOOTIES. WORST FASHION TREND SINCE GAUCHOS. MY EYES), seasons of the wire to watch, potential visits from delegates of the keg alcoholics club, and more. and then fall will be here, i'll be back in d.c., and i'll be spending my last quarter at medill reporting as the washington political correspondent for some as-yet-unnamed and terribly unlucky small paper. at least it will make for good blogging.


I think my mailman is ready to kill me between the September issues of Vogue, W, and In Style so far. Can you get worker's compensation for a magazine hernia?

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