my faux food snobbery rears its uninformed head

posted by catherine / August 14, 2006 /

the washington post best bets contest proves itself to be a fraud in every way year after year (starbucks?! fuddruckers?!? FRONT PAGE?! [the caps for front page are done in mock rage as we all now wearily expect that drool bucket of interns to win, like, everything]). but the way the list reveals itself to be most terrible is by having the best italian restaurant be maggiano's. christ almighty. the EVEN WORSE part? the truly best italian restaurant in the city, obelisk, doesn't even make the top ten. if you want a delicious - but pretty expensive - meal, head on over there. it gets the zunta five star rating.

UPDATE: with his usual aplomb, the dceiver takes down the best bets list. i lie not when i say some coffee spray made its way onto my keyboard this morning. i cannot wait to see SOaP with this man.

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