ryan and lisa's wedding

posted by catherine / June 10, 2006 /

tommy and i had the pleasure of attending ryan and lisa's wedding last night at the arts club of washington, and it was looooovely. everything about the ceremony was wonderful, including the vows that each of them wrote, which i usually pshaw. but tommy pointed out that it helps vows if you happen to be excellent writers. anyway, they both looked gloriously happy, the arts club was a beautiful setting, lisa was beautiful, the dinner was incredibly delicious, the cake (which was actually artfully arranged cupcakes from cake love) was actually....really good. i guess when you do let them sit out long enough they are, in fact, yummy, contrary to my previous thinking. the open bar was very open, and the dancing was fun. and one of my favorite parts of the evening? ryan, on his wedding day, was kind enough to bring me a stack of dcist temporary tattoos. god bless the boy.

photos here. frankly, a lot of them are really terrible - some because i didn't want to blind everyone with flash, some because i went on to get kinda drunk. but peruse freely!


Tommy's looking even creepier than usual in these photos. Has he been practicing?

Posted by: jeff on June 10, 2006 11:54 PM

it's my fault - i didn't tickle him enough, cause i didn't feel that was appropriate for a wedding. the rest of this week, though, i'll make sure to tickle the hell out of him anytime a camera comes round!

Posted by: catherine on June 11, 2006 10:17 AM

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