posted by tom / June 03, 2006 /

Is this kind of shit just a DC thing? I'm with Rusty: these ridiculous private online clubs creep me out. Aside from the invite-only Bittorrent tracker where I'm a member, of course (ah, hypocrisy).

Judging from some recent conversations I've had, it's not just the Georgetown set, either. Sigh. I completely understand and accept that the internet revolution is a chance for our generation of geeks to play high school all over again (this time we can win!). I just wish folks were interested in doing it better.

Maybe I'm being naive about all of this. I donno — I certainly wouldn't want to make the DCist staff list open to anyone who might want to join and observe our editorial process. And I genuinely believe in a right to privacy. But these virtual cliques still leave a bad taste in my mouth.


But that's the thing; these aren't nerds trying to go back in time and get in on the clique scene. This (and the Cleveland Men's Internet Drum Circle or whatever it was) is the same dumb assholes who were in those high school cliques, but now with a business degree and a web domain.

Geeks are just as bad, in their (our?) own way, though: we think blogs will get us laid. The only thing sadder than this idea is the fact that it is, to some degree, correct.

Posted by: Jake on June 3, 2006 07:20 PM

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