going to hell, straight to hell

posted by catherine / May 16, 2006 /

well, looks like i have a 99% sure subletter. phew! too bad i totally ignored the issue of NUN. i'm an evil person. i've also got a place to live in DC in the fall as well. (i'm really just sticking around there to see if the balcony will burn down again.) all that's left is finding a place in atlanta, which is proving much more hellish than i would have liked. thankfully, i have atlanta encyclopedia matt at my disposal, which has already proved helpful. for now, two out of three ain't bad.


You don't know hellish until you've spent 3 weeks on Craigslist trying to convince everyone with an affordable room in DC to let you live with them even though you can't meet them until you move in. I cannot handle this much rejection.

Posted by: Laura on May 18, 2006 07:21 AM

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