math means it's true

posted by tom / May 03, 2006 /

How can it be five games into the Wiz/Cavs series and I haven't checked in with the WizNutzz? It's inexcusable. Fortunately, TNT is trying to educate me about Heineken Light at the moment, providing an opportunity for me to check in with the font of all Wizards commentary in the universe.

And as always, they deliver. One example: mathematical proof that Gilbert Arenas is better than LeBron James. Evidence supplied by real, professional math dudes! You can't get this kind of in-depth analysis at the dead-tree sports outlets, people.

UPDATE: Tonight's empirical confirmation of the above proof seems to have suffered from some sampling error. Don't fret, by game 7 I'm confident that further stochastic measurement will have vindicated science once again.

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