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a staggering work of journalistic excellence

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y'all, one of the things you are lucky about is the fact that you get to read this here blog, and you get to see the intimate workings of a Real Live Journalist. not THAT intimate, sicko. but you know, thought process, research, super interview tips (hint: super interview tips do not include dropping contents of purse on interviewee's floor including, ahem, lady things, and inadvertently yelling, "shit!", not that i do that kind of stuff).

i thought as, you know, an extra special treat for you all, i would document my inner monologue as i attempt to complete a 1200-word article that is due, uh, tomorrow.

start: sit down to computer, full of two homemade cappucinos, buzzed, elated, ready to CHANGE THE WORLD with my story because i am a Journalist and we can change the world and shit.

write lede.

word count: 42 words. shit.

think: hmm. most heinous lede ever? well, what am i going to do about it? it's already there. jeez.

add quote. wow. adding a quote adds, like, a lot of words. hmm.

cut and paste about 17 unrelated quotes from pages of typed-up interviews. word count: a lot more! jeez, i'm practically done! now all i have to do is construct some sort of coherent narrative, with flow and wisdom and insight. easy peasy. totally rocking the espresso. you can totally do this, Reporter Catherine!


i really hope george didn't sleep with meredith. lordy. that would be bordering on, like, nasty incestuous, also, i would have to kill meredith. with a pointy stick. that had been rubbed with chili powder.

espresso really, really...starts to kick in. in a bad way. goddamn. write two or three paragraphs very quickly with laser-like intensity. no matter they barely make sense and, uh, could potentially be incorrect. libel schmibel! the editing comes later! hey, i think the computer screen is starting to shake for some reason.

beer would be good way to counter espresso buzz, no? yes, yes i think it would.

word count. has not change since the 37th time i've word counted. microsoft should really do something about that. i should also really do something about only having miller lite in my midget fridge.

write a couple of seriously lame sentences.


fuckity fuck fuck.

give up to chat on IM and rewatch some veronica mars. story isn't due till 5pm tomorrow; only 800 words to go. totally doable, no?

see, y'all don't need to be worried about the future of journalism! you have bright young things like me to carry the torch forward!

how i plan to spend middle age

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Via Make, an amazing collection of links to Halloween DIY projects. It's less than nine months away, you know.

it's not easy being green

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I've got a feeling that I might just be the last person on the internet to see it — but if you haven't watched Muppets Overtime, you really ought to. It's a beautifully-made and surprisingly sad five minute animated short.

But for the record, I still think that a Muppet retelling of the New Testament would be the ultimate application for the franchise.

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