posted by catherine / December 21, 2005 /

yes another post about the fucking panda i'm sorry but what do you expect when i'm sitting around all day with nothing to do except watch the fucking cam oh my god i need to get out of the house

check out this excerpt from a washingtonian buzz column:

We waited in line outside the zoo’s panda exhibit while the 11:20 group went in. Some kids, but mostly adults—like the journalist from Beijing who said he’d report back home that the pandas were being well taken care of, or the woman who said she’d become so addicted to Animal Planet’s pandacam that it was interfering with her work, or the blonde in a black butterstick T-shirt, the ones for sale at several gift shops around the zoo where you can buy all things panda.

black butterstick t-shirt?

is somebody selling counterfeit butterstick tees??


damn. this pisses me off.

Posted by: tom on December 21, 2005 04:51 PM

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