posted by catherine / December 12, 2005 /

i'm back in the district! yay! i waited for tommy to pick me up in the lobby of national's ghetto terminal, reading my book (the devil in the white city which is just as good as everbody said it was, and i haven't even got to the disgusting torturing and mutilating of women yet!), and was dismayed, as i stepped outside upon tommy's phone call, to discover that IT. WAS. SNOWING. just flurries, mind you, but i have just gotten out of a snowbound hell that is chicago - we had something like 12 inches over the past week. thursday afternoon, after our last classes as it was snowing and i was walking through evanston with some friends, i was all like, "oh, so pretty! the snow! it is pretty!" TEN HOURS LATER when it was still snowing and the sky had shat 10 inches upon us i was like, "the snow, it can go to hell, and suck some donkey balls on the way down there." the main problem is a) i still don't own a proper pair of snowboots (uggs DO NOT COUNT, and i refuse to buy them, even though it's all that the chicago ladies wear) and b) chicagoans, many of them don't seem to think it necessary to shovel their sidewalks, so you end up wading through snow calf-deep, which has resulted in the total and utter destruction of my favorite pair of sneakers and the ragged, dampened hems of more than a few pairs of jeans. oh well. at least i have my arctic parka, which is still the best thing ever.

speaking of (an)arctic, i finally watched "march of the penguins" yesterday (part of a movie renting binge in which i saw "crash," "a very long engagement," "finding neverland" and, uh, "bridge jones diary: the edge of reason aka worst movie ever," and i know, i should have known, but seriously, the first one was really kind of charming). and penguins are cute and all, but did anyone else find the movie sort of..totally pointless? penguins play in the sea, they march, they mate, they try not to die of cold/starve to death/step on their babies and then they do it all over again. also, i found it very odd when a penguin's baby would die, or the male and female would have to be parted, and morgan freeman would say, "it was an agonizing, terrible trial," and i'm like...really? i mean, first off, how does morgan freeman know? second off, maybe they were sad for like, a second, but don't penguins have brains the size of walnuts? i'm not sure "agonizing" is really a good way to describe how they process things. it is pretty awesome when they flop on their bellies and scoot around, though. i wish i could do that. maybe with a little more eating...

anyway, now that i'm back with nary a thing to do except read/bug tommy/get fat, i would hazard a guess that you might see more of my blogging on here. just a warning. for example: tomorrow, i go to see the butterstick! i doubt my recap will be as exhaustive and awesome as the nabob's, but i will try my darndest to recapture the experience. and to not make butterstick into a delicious meat kabob.


I recommend TiVoing A Panda is Born on Animal Planet to watch while you're hanging out (if you haven't already). Too, too cute.

Posted by: Becks on December 12, 2005 05:28 PM

Devil in White City is SO SO SO GOOD. The N did not believe me for several months/years and finally read it this summer - after we came back from Chicago, of course.

PS. how, pray tell, do you not own boots?

PPS. welcome home!

Posted by: the g. on December 12, 2005 05:47 PM

PS. how, pray tell, do you not own boots?

stubborness and a lack of funds to buy a pair that doesn't look like two rabid mops attached themselves to my feet!

Posted by: catherine on December 12, 2005 05:49 PM

welcome back!!

Posted by: seeking irony on December 12, 2005 06:45 PM

come ice skating on wednesday...if not, come get drunk with me afterwards!

Posted by: Naomi on December 12, 2005 08:52 PM

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