i thought that was just a song

posted by tom / October 21, 2005 /

it's fun to stay at the...


I take it they're not fans of teh gheys.

Posted by: Matt F on October 22, 2005 01:55 AM

Nah, I wouldn't say that. They just want to keep the cruising off-premises... which seems pretty reasonable to me.

They're actually located across the street from the headquarters of the Human Rights Campaign, and presumably have plenty of gay members. I'd be very surprised if this was motivated by homophobia (although I suppose that's not my call to make).

Posted by: tom on October 22, 2005 10:42 AM

Fair enough, you're probably right. Remembering back now, I was pleasantly surprised when the Lifeguarding course I took at the Y was almost entirely absent of the sermonizing I had expected. Not as crazy religious as I thought.

Posted by: Matt F on October 22, 2005 08:47 PM

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