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posted by catherine / September 24, 2005 /

UN and butterstick make this month's issue of washingtonian (hat tip to my dad):

Pandamaniacs Want “Butterstick”

The newest addition to the DC scene has become a star. While he won’t be appearing on Meet the Press or hanging out at Indebleu, the National Zoo’s baby panda is looking for a name.

Chinese tradition says the baby shouldn’t be named until he reaches 100 days old—a delay that has given the zoo a chance to poll the public.

The zoo and the China Wildlife Conservation Association have narrowed the field to five names, all Mandarin. Choices include Hua Sheng and Sheng Hua—combining the Chinese words for “Washington” and “China.” Another name, Tai Shan or “peaceful mountain,” may ring a bell: It’s a restaurant in DC’s Chinatown. Panda lovers can vote on the zoo’s Web site (nationalzoo.si.edu) through September 30.

The five choices are not enough for some panda fans. The blog Unrequited Narcissism (zunta.org/blog) tried to add the panda nickname Butterstick—after the reference to a newborn panda’s size—to the zoo’s voting choices by connecting its site to the National Zoo’s. The zoo soon safeguarded its voting, but some Washingtonians want a compromise. How about Naiyou Bao—or “milk-oil dumpling”—which Jingyuan Zhang, professor of East Asia languages and cultures at Georgetown University, says is the closest approximation to “butter stick” in Mandarin?

Regardless of the eventual name, don’t get too attached to the little guy—he heads back to China after his second birthday.

milk-oil dumpling - of course!


that's it, I'm making t-shirts

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