posted by catherine / September 16, 2005 /

the chicago tribune lists the reader-voted seven wonders of chicago here (use bugmenot for registration). in short, they are:

First wonder (26,231 votes):
The Lakefront

Second wonder (19,718 votes):
Wrigley Field

Third wonder (18,800 votes):
The "L"

Fourth wonder (17,957 votes):
Sears Tower

Fifth wonder (17,747 votes):
The Water Tower

Sixth wonder (17,004 votes):
University of Chicago

Seventh wonder (16,962 votes):
Museum of Science and Industry

as far as what i've seen, it seems like a reasonable list, though i'm not convinced the el is as amazing as some people seem to think it is. we'll see if it does the previously-thought impossible in the coming year: make me appreciate WMATA.

anyway, what'd be the seven wonders of the d.c. world? the cherry blossoms would have to be up there (they really are beautiful), and i don't doubt that loads o people would vote for butterstick. the smithsonian would surely make it, and there are enough monuments to fill the list on their own (not to mention stuff like the white house and the capitol). the insane amount of awesome ethiopian food? ben's chili bowl (though i know, i know, many think it's overrated). the chicago hot dog did make it on the lower half of the list, after all, so there's no reason not to think the half smoke couldn't do the same thing. personally, d.c. foodwise, i'd vote for kriston's smoker. a work of brilliance if there ever was one.


is the "bodyworks" exhibit still at the museum of Science and Industry? It's super expensive, but almost worth the price just to read the comment cards at the end of the show. Classic comedy.

Posted by: the g. on September 16, 2005 02:45 PM

i'm pretty sure i read somewhere it ended a few days before i got here, which is a damn shame. i really wanted to see it.

Posted by: catherine on September 16, 2005 02:50 PM

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