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posted by catherine / September 10, 2005 /

in awesomes and not so awesomes:

awesome: dinner at obelisk. why were we wasting all that time and money on galileo?
not so awesome: sliding up against a curb and face planting off my bike on the way to dinner in dupont circle. in front of about 32 million people.

awesome: getting a new cellphone. it has this thing called a camera in it!
not so awesome: waiting for an hour in the verizon store for any sort of service. old, fat middle-aged dude sitting next to me who tells me out of nowhere to stop biting my nails. i love complete strangers who comment on my bad habits and tell me they're not healthy for me and that it probably means something is psychologically wrong in my life and i should fix it and then maybe i won't bite my nails anymore. thanks. maybe you should lose 50 pounds. then you won't be a fat jerk anymore.

awesome: the wrens at the black cat. it's like - so, you've wanted to be a rockstar for 30+ years. and suddenly, you are. and what do you do? you rock the fuck out and are completely awesome. if you have never listened to the meadowlands, please do yourself a favor and listen, listen, listen! it's so wonderful.
not so awesome: being a complete zombie at the show as a result of four hours of lifting boxes and furniture. as i was sitting at the bar, staring blankly into space, as tommy and others were off being normal people and drinking beer and talking, a guy actually tried to come on to me with this line: "so, YOU look like you had a TERRIBLE day!" oh, lord.


So I guess I should get a new pick up line? How about "Come on, why aren't you smiling?"

Posted by: the ghost on September 10, 2005 04:27 PM

the more I think about it, the better that concert becomes. I've been listening to meadowlands all weekend. And totally understandable about being a zombie. I'm amazed you were still s tanding.

PS, tell Tom to ask his friend Jeff if he has a cousin named Jack Barile. If not, then I've been lied to for many years and someone, somewhere, owes me an apology, dammit.

Posted by: the g. on September 10, 2005 05:01 PM

The Jack Barile background check is underway. If necessary, I'm confident that the Nye family's vengeance will be swift and terrible.

And yeah, that was a good concert. Better than the first time I saw em there. I hope I rock that hard when I'm 40. Hell, I wish I had rocked that hard when I was 20.

I do wish, though, that their drummer would kick up the tempo a little to match the rock urgency they otherwise bring. Anyway, here's hoping they get booked at 9:30 next time round.

Posted by: tom on September 11, 2005 10:44 AM

Yeah... no cousins named Jack. Unless my Aunt has more stories than she lets on.

Posted by: jeff on September 12, 2005 01:56 AM


Posted by: the g. on September 12, 2005 09:28 AM

The Wrens show was a lot of fun, hopefully my photos will come out (I'm dropping of my film today). The Nein were pretty fun, although I watched a lot of their set while I was working the merch table and only caught the first few songs by the stage. The openers didn't do anything for me.

Posted by: Drew on September 12, 2005 10:09 AM

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