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sorry for the relative lack of blogging. i've been too busy throwing up about my rapidly impending move to chicago (four days or so to go). the bedroom's a mess, half of my stuff isn't packed, i have two shirts and one pair of shorts to wear for the next six days because what is packed is most of my clothes, and i'm stressing about not wanting to give my dad a heart attack when we move since we'll be the only two doing it in chicago and i have about three thousand pounds of stuff. i've also been doing a lot of retail therapy, which i'm sure filene's basement appreciates ($600 wool coat from barney's marked down like a billion percent! cheap pointy leather and suede shoes from kenneth cole and bcbg's!) but which my already rapidly dwindling student loans don't. yes, they're already rapidly dwindling even though i haven't yet received them. they are very sensitive.

anyway, stuff i've been enjoying lately that's helped the stress:

  • eating my way through the city. good lord, i'm fat. d.c.'s determined to make its mark on me before i hightail it out of here, and that mark is being made on my enormous ass. in the past couple of weeks i've eaten at: al crostino (see my DCist review here); oohs and ahhs; amsterdam falafel in adams morgan (i thought this was yummy, but not the mindblowingly good drunk food i'd been led to believe it was. but damn, that garlic sauce is addictive); matchbox pizza (pleasantly surprised by this place down on H street in chinatown. nice, thin crispy pizza with pretty good toppings and a good ambience); and a final ethiopian meal at dukem (does chicago even HAVE ethiopian? probably. hell, they seem to have everything). tomorrow i'm going for one last sausage sandwich at the galileo grill (i know everybody says this, but please believe me that you MUST GO TO THE GRILL at least once), lunch with a former coworker at thai chef in dupont on thursday, and dinner with tommy at obelisk on friday. good lord.

  • biking the capital crescent trail. so, was this weekend incredibly gorgeous or what? tommy and i tore ourselves away from our computer screens and got on our bikes on this path that is parallel to the C&O canal (but the CC trail is better cause it's paved). i recommend stopping at the fletcher's boat house, getting a gatorade, and sitting on the rocks in front of the potomac river. it was achingly beautiful. it looked like you could rent canoes from the boat house, and i have to imagine that if you have any sort of coordination at all, unlike me, it'd be a blast.

  • finishing off my doing d.c. list. i went and saw the exorcist stairs in georgetown sometime last week. and you know what? they are BORING. they are just stairs. oh well. but i walked up foxhall to check out a big field with an abandoned train track over it. you can see a picture here - it's the field where my brother and i used to run down to, cut through and go to the C&O canal, just steps from our old house. pretty nice. memories...happy golden memories...

    i also did the asylum 25 cent beer happy hour, and let me tell you: that shit is awesome. everyone's all, "let me get this round! no, me! c'mon!" and the waitress is all, "your total for eleventeen beers is 1.75." sweetness. despite the fact that i went home and passed out by 10pm.

    unfortunately, i'm not sure i'll have time to do eastern market and the byzantine monastery in brookland, though i plan on trying my best. i know, i've failed you. but i'll give it a valiant attempt! and if i can't get them now, i'll get them when i come back to d.c. because i am. you can't stop me, suckers.

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    does chicago even HAVE ethiopian?

    Oh come on. Here's to start.

    Posted by: ogged on September 6, 2005 05:01 PM

    yeah - i found those three, i think, here. i think they are the only 3 in the city, but i'm sure chicago has about 10x the number of every other kind of restaurant that d.c. has.

    Posted by: catherine on September 6, 2005 05:11 PM

    "despite the fact that i went home and passed out by 10pm."

    Um...what's wrong with that?

    Damn, I'm getting old.

    Posted by: jscott on September 7, 2005 12:20 PM

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