katrina in d.c.

posted by catherine / September 02, 2005 /

check out the post's newest blog, Katrina's Impact on Washington. they state that up to 400 victims of the hurricane will be bussed to the D.C. armory. as they say:

As the Post reported this morning, the city's "mass care" effort would provide victims with food and water, medical attention, counseling and other services. The announcement also means that events scheduled to be held in the armory over the next several weeks -- at least six concerts, a job fair and a Marine Corps Marathon expo -- will likely be canceled in order to accommodate victims.

Officials are urging people interested in making monetary donations to call the Red Cross at 1-800-HELP-NOW. To find out how to contribute items locally, call the mayor's call center at (202) 727-1000 or Serve D.C. at (202) 727-7925.

this is EXACTLY the kind of thing a blog can excel at. the katrina blog also talks about gas station closure rumors, gas prices in popular labor day destinations around the area, and what local charities and organizations are doing. good job, post.

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