doing d.c.: the hay adams

posted by catherine / August 25, 2005 /

as i mentioned earlier, sommer and i headed to the hay adams bar, off the record, last night for some fancy drinks and a classy atmosphere. because we are nothing if not two classy broads. for those who don't know, the hay adams is one of the fanciest, most elegant hotels in the city; it's located on 16th and H streets, very close to the white house. the bar itself is incredibly classic and timeless looking: low lights, heavy, polished wood paneling, and a customer age average of about 55 - mostly men in suits. i had been told by fritz that john, the bartender, was amazing, and he was totally right. john made our night. he is an incredibly jovial guy who is smart, well-traveled, and a great conversationalist. not to mention that he passed out free drinks when he learned i was leaving for chicago. overall, sommer and i had a great time - a little too great of a time. if you know what i'm sayin. after four drinks each, a plate of fries, and some interesting conversation with our bar stool neighbors, we left the hay adams nearly five hours after we arrived. unfortunately, the atmosphere of the hay adams is such that it's not really conducive to taking photographs, so i didn't get any interior shots (except one of me and sommer in the totally awesome bathroom), but i will leave you with some of the area between the bar and the white house. it was a beautiful evening, and i was glad to have a chance to walk around the area.


Jeebus, was it really 4 drinks each? This explains so much about the rest of my evening. But I will definitely go back and visit John. Though I'll be sad to do it without you! (sniff)

Posted by: Sommer on August 26, 2005 10:07 AM

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