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posted by tom / August 25, 2005 /

To Metafilter users: first, sorry I can't respond in your own thread. I don't want to pay five dollars to post in a blog's comments. But I did want to clarify that I only started calling the form thingy a hack after others did. Yeah, okay, I do like the sound of it. But no, clearly this is sub-sub-script kiddie level trickery, not anything impressive at all. What can I say? A search for "butterstick" on packetstorm doesn't return any hits.

But it did at least appear to work initially. As Catherine pointed out in your comments, it's only today that it ceased to function. The whole thing is a testament to the zoo webdev's laziness, not my personal awesomeness.

Now I promise to stop talking about this, because, as mentioned, it's gotten way more attention than it deserves. The name is the thing, people. Butterstick. Say it with me. Make t-shirts. Spread the word.


You let your pride get away from you. I would think that anyone who knew how to spoof a post submission would know enough not to exhibit pride, however restrained, in his accomplishment, lest he be instantly subdued by a horde of Level 14 Slashdot demigods with a billion-zillion hit points. You're just lucky that your original post didn't have any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Posted by: nom on August 26, 2005 09:41 AM

Oh, please. This isn't some ancient greek allegory about hubris. Where did I display pride, anyway? I suppose I did call it a hack -- but only after pointing out that many sixth graders could do it. And the definition of "hack" has been considerably loosened as of late, ala LifeHacker, HackADay and Make magazine. The complexity of the underlying technique is irrelevant. Anyway, suffice it to say that this silly little trick isn't the extent of my technical knowledge, and my geek ego remains intact.

But you're right, I would've hated to have someone DOS us to prove how much more l33t they are than me. So it's nice that that didn't happen.

Posted by: tom on August 26, 2005 09:51 AM

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