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posted by catherine / August 23, 2005 /

well, i went to the national zoo earlier today to try to knock off the baby cheetahs. not knock them off in a big game hunter type sense, but, you know, to check 'em out, ooh and ahh, and leave all happy and full of cuddly fuzzies. but it pains me to report that the national zoo is A BUNCH OF FUCKING LIARS. though their web site promises the babies will be on view every day from 8 a.m. till 1 p.m., today that was not the case, and i was only able to see the older batch of cheetah kids after having pushed my way through 23 million screaming children, perhaps knocking a few over in the process. oh well. i'm going to consider it crossed off anyways. i saw the last group of baby cheetahs when they were still tiny and fuzzy and squishy, and i spend enough time watching the baby cheetah cam that i think i can call it done. if you're interested, you can see a batch of photos from my trip to the zoo a few months ago here.

i wanted to stay longer at the zoo, but after seeing the papa panda and a few other close by exhibits, i hightailed it to the starbucks across the street, got a drink, and sat outside in the gorgeous weather for an hour or two reading my current book, the historian. it's really good so far - it mixes mythology, history, travelogues, and totally awesome vampires together in a lovely, suspenseful mix. hopefully i'll write a real review of it when i finish.


I like all of those things (especally the vampires)...I want to read that book!

But currently Anna and Vronsky are pissing me off and Kitty is in the midst of planning her wedding, so I am just entangled in Russia for a bit longer :-( So many more pages there has to be a swerve.

Posted by: Becca on August 23, 2005 11:15 PM

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