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posted by catherine / June 23, 2005 /

well, not really an announcement, especially for those of you who know me and have been reading my blog for a while. but anyways!

come september, i am leaving D.C. for chicago to study new media at northwestern university. it's a year-long program, and i do hope to return to the area after i graduate, but i can't be in denial any longer: i'm going to have to give up my position as Associate Editor at DCist.com. and so we're looking for a replacement.

i'm posting this on my personal blog instead of on DCist itself mainly because i want to hopefully get responses from a smaller, more select group of people. not that like my readership is of UTMOST AWESOME quality - uh, i mean, you totally are! best readers ever! - but that people who read this blog probably have a better understand of a) what i do at DCist b) the music scene in D.C. c) the blogging scene in D.C. and d) blogging and DCist style in general.

as it stands, my responsibilities at DCist aren't entirely focused, but i do the following every week, or at least try to:
-write a weekly music agenda on mondays of shows that i think will be good
-do a DCist music interview with a local band, to be published on thursdays
-write a weekend picks post on fridays, highlighting interesting events on friday, saturday, and sunday
-try to write or solicit-and-edit one or two concert reviews every week or two.

every once in a while i'll write a post on a random topic, like my Baking In post from yesterday, or various news items that interest me. you can see a list of all my posts ever here.

behind the scenes, the responsibilities are more general. for example, i've done (with kyle) most of the planning for the Unbuckled concert (to which you ARE coming), and some planning is usually involved with happy hours and editorial direction. the core staff of DCist meets, i'd guess, about once a month to talk about these things.

anyway, DCist is totally great and has been one of the most positive things i've ever been involved in. all the staff have become good friends, and they're an amazing group of motivated and talented people. i'm too sad to be leaving, but since i have to, i want to find one (or two, perhaps) really good, committed people that would be willing to cover music stuff and help DCist grow even more awesome. so if you're at all interested and would like to email/meet in person to talk about it, send me one of those email thingies, and we'll chat.


"most of the planning"????? I think not!

:) hehehehheehe

Posted by: information leafblower on June 23, 2005 02:41 PM

You ARE going to bringing that mad wahoo flavor to Chicagoist, though, right?

Posted by: DCeiver on June 24, 2005 12:34 AM

hmm, i don't know...i imagine i'll be pretty busy with school. but if they'll take the occasional concert review from me, i'd be happy. i'll definitely contact them when i get to chicago.

Posted by: catherine on June 24, 2005 07:59 AM

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