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posted by tom / May 23, 2005 /

Wandering around the internet last night, desperate for something cheap and/or electronic on which to waste money, I came across this intriguing offer. Restaurant.com lets you buy certificates to a variety of eateries for less than their face value. Their DC list is mostly uninspiring... but wait! Ben's?!

Yup. I was amazed when Catherine pointed out that the place featured online ordering. But apparently the Chili Bowl's online strategy goes even further than that. You can get $10 certificates to Ben's for $3 per. The catch is that they're only good after 5pm and the minimum purchase for your order is $15. But that's not bad -- for just 8 bucks you get $15 worth of deliciously blistered sausage and transcendently bad chili (also available by the gallon, by the way). That makes these certificates worth ordering and keeping folded up in your wallet, I think.

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