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posted by tom / May 16, 2005 /

Wiz v. Heat 5/12/05
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Perhaps I should have mentioned: Charles, Matt, Charles' Dad (who is also Charles) and I went to the Heat game last Thursday, when the world was new and the playoffs a joyful novelty. And it was fun. I had my heart set on making a number of banal observations about the size of Shaq, but the poor baby had a bruised thigh. Don't tell him I said that, though.

Anyway, the series has come and gone, but I've got the precious memories -- and better, a commemorative towel encouraging towel-viewers to "Beat The Heat". Well, it's a little late for that, and the seats proved to be too close together for the kind of coordinated towel waving that the Wizards were no doubt counting on to confuse and terrify their opponents. But having a washcloth-size square of fabric -- that possessed some absorbent power in spite of itself -- was a lifesaver when it came to spilled beer. Next season: commemorative Stadium Pals?

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