DCist happy hour...

posted by catherine / May 06, 2005 /

was a success, as far as i'm concerned. i'd been wanting to write a lengthy recap all day, but work got the better of me. suffice to say that it was very fun, tons of people were out, i met many cool people, and i about cried tears of happiness when ms. seeking irony busted out "like a prayer" and "since u been gone," two of the only songs guaranteed to get me on the dance floor.

i met many-a-blogger and was surprised at how lovely they all were. no, scratch that - i'm not really surprised anymore when i met bloggers and end up liking them. maybe it's just cause i'm always drinking when i meet online people, but whatever the reason is, bloggers are the shizznit. excuse me if i'm forgetting anybody, but i had the pleasure of meeting and talking with shesbitter, skunkeye, seeing kelly ann and luke again, several DCist readers and commenters, plus all the regular DCist and bluestate folk.

the only thing i'm sorry about: not staying late enough to see the fight where some dude BIT A GIRL and the drunk girl who knocked over a toilet. man, i've been drunk many a time in my day...but how the fuck do you knock over a toilet? the mind boggles. any bets on what she could have been doing? and do we really want to know?


Well, there were a total of three girls in the bathroom at the time comforting the bitten one. But still, toilets don't just keel over like that.

Posted by: rj on May 8, 2005 04:38 PM

hey catherine it was a pleasure meeting you as well. keep up the good work at dcist

Posted by: rae on May 8, 2005 06:45 PM

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