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posted by catherine / May 02, 2005 /

or drink with DCist this thursday to celebrate cinco de mayo. either way, it's guaranteed to be a fantastic, drunken party! come out to fawn over/berate your favorite/most hated d.c. bloggers! the fantabulous bluestate will be spinning some wonderful tunes. and i promise to get ridiculously drunk and make a fool out of myself. what more could you want?


UPDATE: drink specials for the night:
All Night Happy Hour
$3 Corona & Pacifico bottles
$5 Cuervo & Sauza tequila
$5 margueritas (rail)
$3 domestic bottles (Bud/Budlight/Miller Lite)
$4 rail drinks


Did you spell margaritas with an illegitimate french variant just to goad me into commenting? Will the guacamolait be served with fresh avacadeau?? Will we watch bullfighting and shout "au lait"?

(Welcome back! We missed you guys!)

Posted by: susan on May 2, 2005 04:09 PM

oh man, i hadn't even noticed that. i actually didn't write it - just cut and pasted from another source - but you can be sure i will berate them thoroughly.

Posted by: catherine on May 2, 2005 04:11 PM

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