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Too tired from a full day in rome to post anything coherent, but I
thought you might want to hear about the food. The sweet, sweet food.
Thus follows an index of all my dinners so far:
Sat: at trattoria dardano in cortona. Pici alla contadina (thick round
noodles in a slightly spicy duck sauce); yummy roasted rabbit. Gelato at
the ridiculously named but totally awesome gelateria snoopy.
Sun: spend afternoon drinking wine at a couple of enotecas in cortona
and eating their delicious bruschetta. Dinner is a quick two slices of
pizza-truffle and spinach-and gelato from my friend snoopy. Mmm hazelnut
Mon: after a day in perugia and assisi, we go back to la grotta in
cortona for what is, so far, the best meal of the trip. Tommy and I
split the mixed antipasti, which included some wonderful prosciutto e
melone. I had the truffle ravioli, then, and I lie not, the best
porkchop of my life-braised in vinegar and topped wirh green
Tues: we head to osteria la tufa in the nearby town of ossaia. Iread it
recommended on a blog I found by an american woman who just moved to
cortona. It's naomi's birthday, and after she and four others in our
group spent the day skydiving, they are ready to go all out. I started
with the crostini caldi - little pieces of toast toppeds with cheese and
anchovy or prosciutto. Next was penne alla norcina, a cream sauce with
flavorful sausage. Then the BEST MEAT OF MY LIFE. A filetto di ferri -
I'm not sure what it is, but it was some kind of steak or something, and
it blew my mind. Dude.
And I can't even begin to recount the 476 times I had gelato.
Tonight I want to hit up trattoria dardano again, if we're not too tired
to move from running around rome. We're on a train back to cortona right
now, passing hilltop towns and green fields streaked with vineyards.
I'll make sure to record the rest of my meals, but for now I think I'll
stare out the window.


by the way, i forgot to mention that i was the author of this post, not tommy. in case you couldn't tell by the poor grammar and incoherent spelling.

Posted by: catherine on May 2, 2005 12:31 PM

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