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posted by tom / January 08, 2005 /

Charles reports that those jerks at NBC4 has finally done something besides dashing the snowday hopes of suburban schoolchildren. Seems that the bed & breakfast across the alley from us wasn't too keen on the security restrictions being put in place for the inauguration -- they were fully booked up, but under the security policy their guests wouldn't be allowed in the area. Put that on camera with a sympathetic reporter, add a little incoherent rambling from Jim Vance and suddenly you've got the MPD's ear. I can't find a link for the story on WRCTV's website, but Charles assures me that a police department functionary has promised the security policies will be reviewed and revised.

Way to go, local news! You may now return to your usual schedule of stories about the lurking threat of death by shopping cart, and the silent epidemic of orthodontia-induced pediatric blindness.


Yeah and did anyone notice this morning that the ending of the world's longest lasting genocide was third page news after the new Hershey's syrup with added calcium and the fat lady who is upset that her 4 year old daughter wants to grow up to be a pretty princess

Posted by: jon on January 10, 2005 09:02 AM

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