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posted by tom / January 07, 2005 /

We found this on our doorstep earlier this week (it was in all caps -- I've altered that to make it readable):

Dear Residents and Business Owners:

On Thursday, January 20, 2005, the nation will celebrate the Presidential Inauguration. The events are held in the nation's capital. This year there will be the inaugural parade on Pennsylvania Avenue during the day and then several inaugural balls during the evening hours.

This year multiple inaugural balls will be held at the D.C. Convention Center, thus your neighborhood will feel an impact from these events. Some of your nighttime activities may be restricted (parking, driving, having visitors).

We would like to report that traffic may be blocked along the 7th and 9th Street corridors. There may be areas (streets and parking lots) that parking may not be permitted during the event, specifically in the 1200 blocks of 7th streets.

Residents will be required to present identification that verifies their residence in marked, secured areas. Those that do not have proper identification will not be permitted in secured areas around the convention center.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this event may cause. Due to the heightened security in the nation, extra security precautions are required in a large scale event such as the presidential inauguration.

Thank you and for further information, you may contact:

Etc. Great. Look, I understand the need for security, but let's get real for a second: the convention center is gigantic structure spanning 3 or 4 city blocks. I am quite certain that it was designed to allow for security. Now, believe me, I am intimately aware that lots of people are upset with the kind of tuxedo-and-cowboy-boot-sporting dickheads who'll be trundling their Excursions past our home come January 20th. But what do you really think people in the neighborhood could do? Car bombs? It doesn't look like the kind of structure that'd be susceptible to that, but if you're worried, why not just put some Jersey barriers up on the street and some guards at the door? If your guests are terrified of walking past some black folks on the way to their car, maybe they could just take the train to the metro station in the convention center -- wouldn't that be easier for everybody?

Seriously, am I really not allowed to have visitors? What's with all the "may" bullshit? And what's this about requiring "proper ID" -- my license still says I live in Virginia, you know. Since I haven't changed it, I guess the upshot is that I'm under house arrest for a night so that the Republicans can have a party.

Yeesh. Count me slightly-more-embittered than usual.

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