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posted by catherine / October 07, 2004 /

are behind the cut. but first, i wanted to show everybody the much-fabled apple cider donut:

and point you towards this delicious-sounding recipe on how to make your very own apple cider donuts that i recently found in the post. i think i'll try it sometime soon.

selected photos behind the cut. i have to admit, i'm feeling very lazy, and there are about two billion photos, so i'm just going to post certain ones, and you can browse the directory at your leisure here. it's mostly apple-picking photos, but there are also some from a recent trip to charlottesville, and one of that crazy bigass security blimp that was floating around d.c. last week.

this was taken at uva, on the lawn. i miss the lawn, even if i did hate every single fucker who lived on it.

uva's sort of famous serpentine walls in the gardens along the lawn.

there were cute children EVERYWHERE. this little boy appears to be terrified by the number of pumpkins and their sheer orangeness.

you could get these enormously long claw pole things in order to pick apples off the highest branches of the tree. usually they're useful, but in this case they had given me what appeared to be an extra-long pole, like 20 feet long, and here i am struggling to use it.

and here i am, all sad, because the apple i was struggling to get with said pole that looked so good from far away was actually a shitty ass tiny apple. damn you, perspective!

here's a tip: if you ever have children and need to keep them occupied for hours, just give them a sack of hay. they will never tire of dumping hay on their own heads.

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