persons responsible.

catherine: a 25 year-old washingtonianite, living in shaw, working in dupont circle, and drinking liberally in between. harbors an unhealthy obsession with pointy shoes, running, indie rock, purses, and terrible t.v. shows. has lived in d.c., northern virginia, charlottesville, and milan. on the cusp of attending j-school at a lucky institution that's yet-to-be-determined, mostly because a) she'd like to avoid the real world for a wee bit longer and c) she's hoping that a master's in online journalism will somehow enable her to make a career out of blogging. enjoys talking about herself in the third person; makes her feel special.

email: catherine at zunta dot org.
IM: pablohoney (but she only lets people she already knows on her list; she got too sick of IMs asking frantically, "ARE YOU RADIOHEAD OMIGOD?"

tommy: has not yet found the time in his uber-busy, super-important life to fill out a few facts about himself. for now, though, all you need to know about him is that he puts up with catherine, and that should qualify him for sainthood.

email: tom at zunta dot org.